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  1. We welcome 2021 with open arms!

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    2020 has been a tumultuous year, filled with #challenges that many sectors had not been able to imagine; one of those being the restaurant sector.

    Even if it has been a trying year, it has also been filled with many positive moments and #opportunities. We as a company have had to up the creativity, our ability for problem-solving, and more focus towards our new sales channels online. Also, we have been updating many parts of our product assortment.

    That is not all, though! 2020 has also been filled with love, moments of joy, and an ever so strong thankfulness. We are incredibly grateful and humble towards all those who have visited or ordered food from us.

    Going into 2021, we, like so many others, wish for brighter times where we can be close, laugh, eat great food and enjoy life in each others’ company yet again!

    #CafeLiba #2021

  2. Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

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    When we launched our bakery Liba Bröd back in 1992, it didn’t take long for the café to follow – named Café Liba. Early on, the café was meant to be a small scale addition, and it was not until 2002 the café was separated from Liba Bröd and declared its #brand.

    From the get-go, the café sold freshly baked Liba bread and Lebanese pasties. After that, we introduced various confectioneries, cakes, and oriental delicacies.

    As time passed, the café started to attract more and more people. This increase in popularity gave us enough confidence to set aside more of our time for it, and we were happy to do so! At this point, we almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. The café to be a vital part of Liba was never planned when it was first built, almost 30 years ago!

    In 2018, we made a total renovation of Café Liba, with a huge #expansion and an #interior which brings you to the wonderful atmosphere that can be found in cafés across Lebanon. We switched up our graphical profile to better reflect this, and in 2019 we launched #franchising opportunities. The first one of those cafés can today be found at Frölunda Torg, in western Gothenburg!

    Below, we are happy to show off some before -and after pictures from our journey:


  3. Bioenergy

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    Bioenergy covers all of our energy needs.

    We have chosen to supply our operation and production with #bioenergy, a source of energy that is completely carbon dioxide neutral. 

    Making the choice to use bioenergy naturally comes with many benefits, but the greatest of them all is that it is a 100% #renewable source of #energy, and that it lets us make use of the earth’s waste and residual products. 

    Bioenergy reduces our single largest source of carbon dioxide #emissions and provides us with a sustainable source of power for future production. 

    As a company, we have a great responsibility towards our planet. This is one in a series of environmentally-focused #investments to reduce our effect on the climate and to join the path towards a more #sustainable world. 


  4. Bli en del av vårt team

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    Vi utökar vårt team! 

    Vill du eller någon du känner #jobba med ett glatt och härligt gäng i en fartfylld miljö?

    Just nu söker vi en serviceorienterad lagspelare i form av cafébiträde till våra caféer i Frölunda Torg och Gamlestan. Deltid med start 1 november. 

    Klicka vidare för att läsa mer eller tipsa någon du känner som är redo för ett nytt äventyr;

  5. Our biggest campaign!

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    Right now, there are a lot of exciting things in the making, as Café Liba is getting ready for its biggest #campaign launch ever!

    R&D (Research & Development) has long been working behind the scenes to further expand and improve our assortment. We have tasted, tested, baked, baked, and then baked some more. We do all of this, so that we can #createcompletely new (and super tasty) products! These are products for both our food and bakery selections, and the launch will begin next week. You can except delicious stuff with a modern touch, fused with Lebanese classics.

    Our #team working in the café are very much looking forward to offer our customers the new #assortment

    Our store manager Adel Saseli seen in the picture with our shift leaders Kawthar and Ibbo, have long waited for this moment. Kawthar have been working here for almost twenty years now, and is more than excited to experience a product release this big. And so are we!

  6. ”Newcomer of the year”

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    One year ago we opend our first #franchise in the shopping mall Frölunda Torg 
    Being able to offer our #concept in a new place was exciting and a dream come true.

    During the early spring of 2020, our café was met with large-scale changes due to the pandamic, just like most other companies across the world. A challange that does not belong to the ordinary and was impossible to foresee.

    With new restrictions and opening hours, the initial year did not go entirely as planned. Luckily, the mall finally has their opening hours set back to normal, and our business there can proceed as usual.

    Restrictions and a change in routines are in place, but also accompanied with new knowledge, an even greater ability to find solutions for any issue, and a bright vision for the future!

    With that said, one could say that we are indescribably #proud to receive the award “Newcomer of the year” in Frölunda Torg Awards 2020. An #award that means extremely much to us, especially after a tough year like this one!

    Together, we endure and stick together – while at the same time keeping our distance.


  7. Two years since the grand opening!

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    Two years ago we launched our fully renovated Café Liba in Gamlestan.

    Lots of love and care went into recreating the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that is similar with cafés in Lebanon. To make sure that the #interior truly “breathes Libanon”, and at the same time gives off an inviting feeling of good vibes, we #collaborated with a Lebanese Interior Designer. The result is a café with rustic and oriental shapes in focus, with a touch of urban #design.

    Our #vision is to let the Lebanese and #nostalgic influences imbue every single part of our #customers#experience with us. That’s why we have invested an incredible amount of #passion and time in everything from taste, aroma, service and dynamic – to provide a feeling that brings our customers all the way to Lebanon.


  8. Meeting – Quality & Food safety team

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    Every month, all  #team leaders within the company gather to debrief the previous months. Present are also our Quality & Food Safety team.

    All of our team leaders are trained Quality Controllers (QC), to strengthen our #corporate mindset regarding quality. 

    During these meetings, everything from health requirements, #safety routines and processes are being discussed, as well as previous and upcoming events. We constantly look over our product quality – and how we can improve further.

    As we grow, a tightly knit cooperative mindset becomes even more important, and that we always are meticulous and never compromise on quality.

    If we are to continue serving high quality food and pastries, we also have to continue being the best team, and that is only possible by continuously improving.


  9. Our store manager – Adel

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    Café Libas store Manager Adel Saseli has put extra focus and work one further sharpening of our #team as a whole.

    Engaging and #motivating his team members, in combination with encouragement for taking on #challenges, has proven to be a successful #concept

    ”With correct and thoughtful conditions, you become able to form a team of happy individuals.

    If you succeed in that, there are virtually no limits to how much you can accomplish and how far your team can #develop. One of my main tasks is to give them just that – the right conditions to succeed themselves,”


  10. Meet the team – Sergio

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    Say hi to Sergio Fadel!

    Sergio is currently working with #research and #development (R&D) at Café Liba. A challenging yet fun task that includes activities that the company undertakes to innovate and introduce new products.

    We asked Sergio what he likes most about his job:

    ”The answer is easy, being a part of bringing the company forward! My task is to identify what we lack in our assortment and how we can fill that gap. It is both a challenging and fulfilling #job, with a lot of variety”

    What is your favorite part about Café Liba as a #workplace?

    ”Being a part of a #community that promotes personal development and that the company gives me space to grow. In addition to that, it is my colleagues, of course. It may sound like a clichée, but I really mean it!”