”Newcomer of the year”

One year ago we opend our first #franchise in the shopping mall Frölunda Torg 
Being able to offer our #concept in a new place was exciting and a dream come true.

During the early spring of 2020, our café was met with large-scale changes due to the pandamic, just like most other companies across the world. A challange that does not belong to the ordinary and was impossible to foresee.

With new restrictions and opening hours, the initial year did not go entirely as planned. Luckily, the mall finally has their opening hours set back to normal, and our business there can proceed as usual.

Restrictions and a change in routines are in place, but also accompanied with new knowledge, an even greater ability to find solutions for any issue, and a bright vision for the future!

With that said, one could say that we are indescribably #proud to receive the award “Newcomer of the year” in Frölunda Torg Awards 2020. An #award that means extremely much to us, especially after a tough year like this one!

Together, we endure and stick together – while at the same time keeping our distance.