Meet the team

Today we are having a chat with Abir, Café Liba’s very own Kitchen #manager!

Abir has been with us for several years, and according to her, Café Liba feels like a second home.

When we ask her what she thinks is the best part of her #job, she answers this:

”Between all of the responsibilities, I still always have time for the most important part – the amazing people around me. I love our #customers and all of my colleagues whom I #work with. It strengthens that feeling of truly feeling at home, even when you in reality are at work.”

We also wanted to ask Abir what important aspects of Café Liba she values the most:

”I would have to say my #opportunities for personal development. I have worked hard and show what I can do, which is also the reason for the increased responsibilities I have received. I have a supervisor who is attentive and dares to challenge me within new areas that I want to take on, which I feel has been super fun and important to me personally.”