We welcome 2021 with open arms!

2020 has been a tumultuous year, filled with #challenges that many sectors had not been able to imagine; one of those being the restaurant sector.

Even if it has been a trying year, it has also been filled with many positive moments and #opportunities. We as a company have had to up the creativity, our ability for problem-solving, and more focus towards our new sales channels online. Also, we have been updating many parts of our product assortment.

That is not all, though! 2020 has also been filled with love, moments of joy, and an ever so strong thankfulness. We are incredibly grateful and humble towards all those who have visited or ordered food from us.

Going into 2021, we, like so many others, wish for brighter times where we can be close, laugh, eat great food and enjoy life in each others’ company yet again!

#CafeLiba #2021