Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

When we launched our bakery Liba Bröd back in 1992, it didn’t take long for the café to follow – named Café Liba. Early on, the café was meant to be a small scale addition, and it was not until 2002 the café was separated from Liba Bröd and declared its #brand.

From the get-go, the café sold freshly baked Liba bread and Lebanese pasties. After that, we introduced various confectioneries, cakes, and oriental delicacies.

As time passed, the café started to attract more and more people. This increase in popularity gave us enough confidence to set aside more of our time for it, and we were happy to do so! At this point, we almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. The café to be a vital part of Liba was never planned when it was first built, almost 30 years ago!

In 2018, we made a total renovation of Café Liba, with a huge #expansion and an #interior which brings you to the wonderful atmosphere that can be found in cafés across Lebanon. We switched up our graphical profile to better reflect this, and in 2019 we launched #franchising opportunities. The first one of those cafés can today be found at Frölunda Torg, in western Gothenburg!

Below, we are happy to show off some before -and after pictures from our journey: